The Hubble Telescope is a remarkable advancement. It's photographs of the universe a amazing. Through infa-red and other special photographic processes the Hubble Telescope has advance science decades ahead.

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Science is fun.

The Information here is only a guide. Your own inventive ideas are the most important part of becoming a real scientist. Let your mind go ... Einstein explained that there are no limits to our understanding as long as we expand our knowledge and have what he called "mind experiments" going all the time. He walked every day after teaching at Princeton. His walking and "mind experiments" helped him create many amazing ideas.



The race for space brought the computer industry to a high level. The United States was the leader in computer technology and the rest of the world followed. The motivation for smaller and lighter computers came from the space industries need to keep the payload as light as possible. Every pound of payload to put into space took thousands of pounds of thrust to reach orbit speeds. The space industry was responsible for many other scientific inventions and improvements.

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